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Ocean Drive


About Me

As the series progresses there will be constant notices of previews of what's to come and possible spoilers. Enjoy your first dose of your previews and spoilers. More will come. Also check out our Did You Know column at the bottom to find out some interesting facts about the series.


The series premiere of Ocean Drive is here and it's already on a roll. Tons of action is planned to be take place on this website for the series. Make sure to check out the News&Press page for all the latest info and happenings.

So, you've read the first episode right? Well then you've heard the announcement of the wedding of Michael Lanford and Claudia Doyle! Coming in the weeks of head they'll be plenty of interaction for you to be apart of their wedding process, from planning to the very big day. Although whatever happens in the storylines will affect the interaction to the very bit. You'll be included in any problems that come along, if there's a glinch in the planning you may be asked to fix it. That all will begin July 15.

The Ghost of James' wife, Catherine may be entering soon, be on the look-out.

Facts about Ocean Drive...........
~ Episode One was actually two separate episodes at the beginning. The party was episode one whereas the day after was episode two. It was decided to combine the two into one episode to make the length slightly longer.
~ Did you know that Ocean Drive wasn't originally the title of the series. The series was called Parkdale, a fictional town where the Lanford family lived at. The name changed about five episodes into writing the series.
~ The character of Emma Lanford was originally being casted as Elizabeth Bogush who many know her from playing Jenny on Titans. Just like the name of the series, the character was recasted five episodes into writing the series. Emma was recasted as Teresa Hill who is mostly known from Aaron Spelling's Models Inc.
~ Originally Ocean Drive wasn't suppose to make it to the web. There was another series in mind that producer Mark Williams was working on which was to come to the web this summer instead. Due to complications in the series Ocean Drive (at that time called Parkdale) was headed for the web. However you can look for the other series to come to light in 2003.
~ The role of Michael Lanford was originally cast as Michael Lowery but was recasted prior to the website going up on June 13 with Joseph Cacia who played Dmitri on MTV's Spyder Games
~ The last character to be casted was Sarah Caslin. Through writing the series producer Mark Williams couldn't decide on who to place. Several ideas were Yasmine Bleeth, Teresa Hill (now is Emma Lanford), Shawn Batten and more. When coming to the last minute Kelly Rutherford known from Melrose Place was decided.
~ Gordon Thompson (Bruce) and Julian Stone (James) were set to be the exact opposite characters at the beginning.
~ In writing the series a original character was cut from the list. The character Kurt Patterson was to be in the series, he was a friend of Will and Kate's. Upon thinking up storylines the character was cut. However he is still in the series' list of possible characters to come.